As a Christian Church . . .

We believe in the centrality of Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the promised Messiah, the Savior of the world, and the Head of the Church.  Thus, we are completely in the mainstream of historical Christianity.

As a Protestant Church . . .

We are committed to the scriptural principles that came out of the Protestant Reformation in Europe in the 16th Century.  These are:  (1) Salvation is by grace alone . . . Salvation is a free gift of God.  It is offered to mankind not because of human merit or works but based solely on God's grace.  (2) Every believer is a priest . . . The priesthood is not reserved as a special calling for a few.  It is the inheritance of all Christians.  Every Christian stands as a minister before God.  (3) The Scriptures are the authority of our faith . . . The Scriptures alone are to determine the course of our life and doctrine, not church traditions nor other sources.

As an Evangelical Church . . .

We are committed to bringing men and women to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Also, our doctrine is conservative in nature reflecting the fundamental tenants of Evangelicalism:  (1) The inerrancy of Scripture . . . We believe that the sixty-six books of the Bible were inspired by God and are without error.  (2) The virgin birth of Christ . . . We accept as historical fact that Jesus was born supernaturally of the virgin Mary.  (3) The substitutionary atonement . . . We believe that Christ's death was not martyrdom, but atonement:  that He was dying for the sins of mankind in order to bring salvation and redemption.  (4) The physical resurrection of Christ . . . We believe that Jesus literally and bodily was resurrected from the dead and that this historical event is the cornerstone of the Christian faith  (5) The imminent return of Christ to the earth . . . We believe that Jesus promised and that the Scriptures teach that Jesus will return.  No one knows the time of His return, but as His followers we wait in anticipation for this glorious event.

As a Holiness Church . . .

Our heritage is deeply rooted in the Holiness Revival of the 19th Century which swept across America.  This revival brought a growing awareness of the need for purity within the church.  We believe in a life of consecration to God which will be seen in personal piety, integrity, humility, virtue, and simplicity.

As a Pentecostal Church . . .

We are a part of the 20th Century Pentecostal Revival and Charismatic Renewal.  We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit as typified in the Book of Acts.  We encourage believers to be filled with the Spirit and expect supernatural phenomena such as speaking in tongues, prophecy, divine healing, etc. to occur among us.

As the People of God . . .

We are committed to unity within the Body of Christ.  We see ourselves only as one expression of Christ's body on the earth.  We firmly believe that we should endeavor to maintain the unity of the Spirit with all true believers in Christ, recognizing them as our brothers and sisters in Christ.  We believe an open, loving relationship with other Christians is beneficial to everyone and will enchance the advancement of the Kingdom of God on the earth.

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Service Times



 Sunday School Classes                  10 am


 Morning Worship               
11 am     


MPACTKIDZ Worship                       11 am


 Nursery/Toddler Nurser    

 10 am & 11 am


 First Sunday of the Month

 Evening Worship

  6 pm




  Adult Class -Sanctuary                     7pm


 Contemporary Adult Class               7pm

          Gym 207                 


     AVENUE Youth Group

      Doors Open                                    6 pm

      Worship/Church                              7 pm


 MPACTKidz (ages 4-12)                     6 pm

  Family Life Center/Gym Time

  Worship                                               7 pm



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